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Baptism - Guitar Chords w/ Lyrics


Intro - D Bm7 G A (twice)

{D} The summer {Bm7} breeze made {G} ripples on the {A} pond
{D} Rattled through the {Bm7} reeds and the {G} willow trees {A} beyond
{Bm7} Daddy in his {A} good hat {G} momma in her Sunday {D} dress
{G} Watched with pride as I {D} stood there in the {G} water up to my {D}

{F}Preacher spoke {Bm7} about the cleansing {D} blood
And I {G} sank my {D/F#} toes into that {Em} east Tennessee {A} mud

{D} Then it was down with {Bm7} the old man
{G} Up {A} with the {D} new
{G} Raised to {D/F#} walk in the way of {Em} light and {A} truth
{Bm7} Didn't see no {G} angels, just a {D/F#} few saints on the {G}shore
{D} But I felt like a {A/C#} new born {Bm7} baby {A}
Cradled up {G} in the {A} arms of the {D} Lord

Intro (once)

{D} Amazing {Bm7} grace {G} oh how sweet the {A} sound
There was {D} glory in the {Bm7} air, there was {G} dinner on the {A} ground
{Bm7} My sins which were {A} many where {G} washed away and {D} gone
{G} Along with a buffalo {D} nickel I {G} forgot to {A} leave it {D} home

{F} That seems like {Bm7} such a small small {D} price to pay
For the {G} blessed {D/F#} peace of mind {Em} that came to me that {A} day

Repeat Chorus

{F} This road is long and {Em} dusty
Sometimes a {A} soul it {A/C#} must be {D} cleansed
And I {F} long to feel that {Em} water
{G} Rushing over me {A} again

{D} Then it was down with {Bm7} the old man
Songs For Praise & Worship For voice and piano. Format: piano/vocal/chords songbook (spiral bound). With vocal melody, piano accompaniment, lyrics and chord names. Gospel and Worship. 420 pages. 9x11 inches. Published by Hal Leonard.
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Backpackers Songbook Compiled by Ron Middlebrook. For voice and guitar or banjo. Format: guitar/vocal songbook (no tablature - lyrics & chords only). With lyrics, chord names, guitar chord chart, banjo chord chart and illustrations. Folk. 108 pages. 6x9 inches. Published by Centerstream Publications.
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I Can Only Imagine (25 Modern Praise Favorites) For medium voice, piano and guitar chords. Format: piano/vocal/chords songbook. With vocal melody, piano accompaniment, lyrics and chord names. 192 pages. 9x12 inches. Published by Word Music.
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